The Best Vinyl Window Manufacturers in California

The Best Vinyl Window Manufacturers in California

Window shopping is about to get a whole lot easier. If you live in California, you live in a state blessed with some of the best vinyl window manufacturers in the country. That means you now have tons of options for choosing the best vinyl window manufacturers in California without having to venture off state lines. 

If you’re wondering who the best vinyl window manufacturers in California are, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are the best vinyl window manufacturers in the Golden State.

Window Nation

Window Nation has been providing custom vinyl windows since 1993 and they’re an expert in every aspect of the window manufacturing process. Window Nation is one of the largest residential and commercial vinyl window manufacturing companies in California, supplying virtually all of the state with top-quality custom vinyl window products.  

They’ve been featured on ABC News, Yahoo! News, Consumer Reports, and several other news outlets for quality and durability. The company also has distribution facilities all over the country, so you can see the full range of Window Nation’s window options by visiting their website.  

Sunrise Windows

Sunrise Windows is one of the most trusted vinyl window manufacturers in California.  Sunrise Windows was founded back in 1980 in San Diego, California. The company specializes in residential vinyl window solutions, commercial window solutions, and building envelope solutions.  

Sunrise Windows is the largest vinyl window manufacturer in San Diego, operating out of the largest vinyl window factory in the United States. It is so large that it has a 150,000 square-foot manufacturing plant.  Sunrise Windows windows are made using the highest quality materials, including solid vinyl, O-Gloss transparent, antimicrobial, and silver-aluminum plated.  More than that, their windows also offer several energy-saving features, like an auto wind shut valve and a dual-action, LED lighting system.


Established in 1978, Soft-Lite has been in the window manufacturing business for 40 years. Founded by Tom Okanowicz and John Fickel, the company is one of the largest window manufacturers in the country, serving a variety of businesses such as The Home Depot, Walmart, Office Depot, and more.

One of the most popular products made by Soft-Lite is the vinyl sign. There are dozens of other window sizes to choose from, as well as other cool window shapes.  However, Soft-Lite also produces vinyl windows of many different sizes. The company offers windows from four inches to 2 feet by 3 feet.

Because of their best-in-class energy-efficient windows and doors, Soft-lite has received the 2021 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for the 8th time.

Cambria Windows

Cambria Windows is Southern California’s premier vinyl window and door manufacturer and installation company.  They build, sell, service, and manufacture vinyl windows and doors for residential homes, investment properties, and commercial buildings. A family-owned and operated business, Cambria Windows has been providing excellence in service and quality workmanship for over 20 years.  They manufacture their custom-built windows and doors right here in Southern California, bringing you the best in American-made, high-quality products.

Pacific Windows and Doors

Pacific Windows and Doors is a manufacturer of energy-efficient vinyl windows and doors that specializes in new construction and retrofit replacement windows and doors for residential and commercial projects. They have a variety of window styles that start from $85 dollars and come in with warranty and professional vinyl window installation options. 

More than that, their valuable quality products are California Title 24 Compliant and energy-efficient certified. Top it all off, all of their products are made of 100% virgin vinyl. Chef’s kiss, right?

Bear Windows and Doors

Bear Windows and Doors manufactures new construction windows as well as replacement windows and doors. They have energy-efficient windows, allowing you to benefit from increased energy savings. In addition, their windows and patio doors enjoy a 100% lifetime warranty.

Headquartered in Paramount California, Bear Windows and Door’s premium brand doors and windows can be currently found throughout Southern California.

Andersen Windows 

Andersen Windows offers a wide range of window types, such as single-pane vinyl, double-pane vinyl, plantation shutters, or picture windows. Andersen also offers a wide selection of features and upgrades, including rounded windows, more efficient windows, and more.  

Customers may choose from many different types of windows to accommodate the many styles of windows that are available. This makes choosing your perfect window almost too difficult.  For a quick and easy selection, Andersen offers simple sticker options, so you can slap your windows wherever you’d like.

Vinyl Window Installation and Replacement in California with Sunlight Homes

As a home construction and home upgrade contractor in California, Sunlight Homes experts can quickly and efficiently replace your existing vinyl frame windows with custom-made vinyl windows tailored to your liking. It also might be time to update the windows of your home to a more modern form if you have wooden windows that are spinning, rotting, or challenging to open or close. For replacing existing windows, Sunlight Homes uses vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum-clad windows. We have the ability and experience to install a window you can be proud of! 

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The vinyl window industry is a competitive one, and the companies that produce vinyl windows have particularities that can be hard to figure out. But if you’re in the Golden State, it is possible to find the best vinyl windows manufacturers in California. This list is meant for those seeking the best vinyl window manufacturers for their home upgrades.

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