Financing Programs for Home Construction in Chatsworth, CA

Financing Programs for Home Construction in Chatsworth, CA

Buying a new house or renovating one in Chatsworth, CA? Either way, both are quite costly and can reach from a few thousand dollars up to a few hundred thousand. But don’t be dismayed too quickly. We’ve prepared a list of financing programs for home construction in Chatsworth, CA so you won’t have to break your bank too easily. 

Common to everyone’s knowledge, buying a house is costly, even with a fixed-rate mortgage. In 2017, the average cost of constructing a single-family house in the US is about US$237,760, including interior finishes such as flooring, ventilation, and some basic appliances. For some who already have a house and are looking for an upgrade, it might also be a costly expense. From roofing to building patio covers, installing insulations, vinyl siding, texcote painting, and many more, these could be pricey to some extent. Lucky for you (if you’re looking for one), there are available financing programs for home construction in Chatsworth, CA.

Home Construction in Chatsworth, CA with Sunlight Homes

Located in Chatsworth, CA, Sunlight Home Construction is committed to, socially and environmentally, progressive home improvement through window replacement with Anlin windows, wall, ceiling, and attic insulation from Cocoon, vinyl siding, soffit & fascia replacement from Alcoa, and heating and air conditioning from Goodman. We also have other home upgrade services such as roof repair, roof replacement, solar panels installation, patio covers, and texcote painting. We believe in using the best products available in the marketplace.

We are more than just a construction company. You can depend on us to have experienced and skilled crews that will provide you with excellent, professional, and knowledgeable service, starting with initial consultation and inspection, through the work’s completion and clean-up. Sunlight Home's crews work hard to make sure the work is done correctly so that home insurance policy and warranties on materials retain their validity.

Financing Programs for Home Construction in Chatsworth, CA

Here are the different financing programs for home construction in Chatsworth, CA. You may apply to one of these programs if you’re on a budget and would like to avail home construction services from Sunlight Homes. 

PACE Funding

PACE Funding provides value to homeowners through their fixed-rate assessment financing products. They work closely with channel partners to ensure a quick and easy quoting and underwriting process for the homeowner.

This financing program offers a quick and easy application process, immediate approvals, and flexible repayment terms. It is available for the following home construction services: solar panels installation, heating, and air conditioning, and roof, windows, and doors that have been wrecked by a storm.

You surely wouldn’t need perfect credit or a loaded bank account to have your most coveted safe and comfortable home. PACE Funding does not use credit scores to determine eligibility in availing financing for some services like solar panels installation. More than that, their low fixed rates and long repayment terms make solar affordable, so you can reduce your utility bills for years to come. 

They also offer terms up to 30 years with no prepayment penalties. And more excitingly, they have multiple rate options where you can choose a repayment plan that fits your budget. 

PACE Funding is a leading water conservation, energy-efficient, and abundant energy company. PACE has decades of experience working with contractors and decades of experience with residential lending. This is what makes them unique in PACE.

If this financing program for home construction in Chatsworth, CA suits you, then click here to find out more about PACE Funding.

Sunlight Financial

Sunlight Financial partners with contractors nationwide to offer homeowners innovative, affordable loans for modern home upgrades. With over $4 billion in funded loans, their best-in-class technology and deep credit expertise simplify and streamline homeowner finance, enabling their contractor partners to quickly and easily provide homeowners with simple access to financing at point-of-sale via phone, tablet, or computer. 

More than that, this financing program offers affordable loans and simple approval and funding processes. It is available for the following home and commercial construction services: roofing, heating, and air conditioning, decks and patios, home automation, interior remodeling, windows, fencing, and energy efficiency.

For homeowners, Sunlight Financial also provides financing for solar panels installation, which will certainly benefit you in the long run and may even render you eligible to earn tax credits for going solar. 

Surely, their payment-friendly financing and industry-leading technology help contractors grow their solar and home improvement businesses and make homeowners’ dreams come true.

If you avail financing from Sunlight Financial, you will have access to loans with flexible terms at fixed interest rates, and with initial payments due 60 days after installation. How convenient, right?

If this financing program for home construction in Chatsworth, CA suits you, then click here to find out more about Sunlight Financial.

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Sunlight Homes is located at 21610 Lassen St. Suite 1 Chatsworth, CA 91311. We are committed to socially and environmentally progressive home improvements. We believe in using the best products available in the marketplace. Our services include roofing, domestic insulation, texcote painting, heating, and air conditioning, and many more. You can check out the full list of our services here or inquire at (818) 626-8197 or schedule an appointment through our website. For any problems or questions, you may also reach us at our contact page. We’re always prepared to be at your service.

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